Kurisu keeps plowing ahead. That hasn't changed in 2036. -Did the time travelling Okabe cry because he was gutting himself or because Kurisu died? Either which way, the start of the Steins Gate world line requires the Okabe of 8/21 to time travel, get stabbed while saving Kurisu in 7/28, and reappear a minute after his departure on 8/21. John Titor posted: S: "Basically, we're going to leap to the β World Line in Attractor Field β." What was your reason for coming to this time in the first place? There is no real meaning to making small changes to the world line. Please give me more details about those Attractor Fields, and how they affect the change of world lines. Subject: Observing convergence O: "1991 was the collapse of the USSR, right? That's right. -So, when Suzuha appears he goes with her to the past. The Reading Steiner is a term referring to Rintaro Okabe's ability to, after switching world lines, retain his memory of events that have occurred (from his point of view) before the switch. That's been proven by my very own experience. This is the truth. Color coding! 1.8K 37 65. I'm posting on this bulletin board like this to sound the alarm. We hear someone, who is very likely a time traveling Okabe, give off an anguished cry. This should technically be the start of the Divergence Meter loop in the other Alpha world lines. Along the way, many of them diverge. Therefore he would "overwrite" any Okabe who was already there. While Reading Steiner does say that the movie is "so inconsistent with the original ideas presented", I enjoyed it as a story. However, it should be noted that as the divergence number grows closer to the 3% Gamma threshold, the Rounders grow in power and Moeka and Mr. Braun are once again members of the group. Not even for time travelers like me... Do you have any knowledge on this point? First, the possibility that the John Titor who appeared in 2000 is my future self. Most notable is at the start of the story we are already within the time loop. S: "Exactly. A small note: Once again the scenes in which Suzuha's whole explanation about world lines occurred in were different in the original VN and the anime. I see, so you're questioning how I've been designating numbers. S: "Is that what you named it? And, of course, that Kurisu's death is still the first domino falling in causing WWIII. > > 314 Titor aspired to be a time traveler as a soldier. However, unlike in that theory, the worlds are not simultaneously active. In case someone's confused, Nakabachi flies to Russia on the 21st. 712 Name: Anonymous : 07/28/2010 23:49:45 It was slightly off, though, since one of the numbers was wrong. S: "No. I told Okabe Rintarou directly by mail." Second, it's all your delusion or fabrication. Following the SG logic, it's because 1.130426% was the "active" world line at the time, and narratively it is because this Okabe is our Observer and the one who succeeds in breaking out of the loop, therefore he is the most interesting. By the way, this is actually the second time this phenomenon has happened. And so, I do not have the means to explain the phenomenon you are experiencing. Over the course of Steins;Gate, it’s spin-offs, sequels, and related tales in the Science Adventure Series, we have seen dozens of world lines across several different attractor fields. There are also several attractor fields. In the VN she explains with Mayuri's knitting yarn in the lab. World lines are like an infinite number of rivers flowing parallel. Right now, you are an existence rivaling God." Suzuha looks at me... don't tell me! The basic concept of time travel in Steins;Gate revolves around the idea of “world lines.” While there is only one reality existing at any time, each world line is a path history could take if the right events were to happen. In it, neither World War III nor the Time Travel Dystopia come to pass and both Okabe’s relationships and the personalities of his friends remain intact. Reconstruction of the world Basically, that means that 10 years ago, you existed in a different world line than the world line we're at now. In 1998, Titor met his young self and his parents from his early life in America. Steins Gate is the most unique time travel story that I've seen in fiction. Note: Not all of what Suzuha says on @channel is true, so keep reading. Watch Queue Queue That's true. It's Steins Gate, Steins;Gate with semicolon only appear as series name, all instances with this phrase is without semicolon, same with "This is the choice of Steins Gate". There's only one if you trace it back to the origin. By: fayfairyelf. 2015, World War III breaks out, many people die. Steins Gate 0 … Your special ability is the key to release the world from the curse of SERN's rule. Mayuri. They can also be used to explain things once called "fate" or "change". Amaaazing." Daru: "Can you compare it to an eroge? Kurisu's death, and discuss how the change to the Steins Gate world line worked. Okabe witnessing Kurisu's death scene in the Beta attractor field is always the starting point for the time loops in the Alpha attractor field. Then that one he makes in that world line he would also set to 0.337187.[2]. Smiling, Kurisu says "Never". ^^; If you would like to read in full the visual novel's explanations on the SG world line theory here are most of them. This world line has a divergence of 0.571024% compared to the world line I came from. That's been disproven. Let’s break them down and see what sets them apart from each other. The world line theory The way I understand it, in Steins;Gate the world line theory is that there are countless world lines with all of the infinite possibilities. As a result, the future of this worldline is unknown, but different from the futures of worldlines in the Alpha and Beta Attractor Fields. This video is unavailable. I am indeed surprised by the fact that you know about it. She bundles them together and stretches them out again. O: "So the divergences end the same, meaning there's only one world in the end?" Subject: Re: Re: Memory If it were 2001, it would be the simultaneous terrorist attacks..." The world's structure was clarified in 2036. Whenever a momentous incident occurs that would cause divergence to change, the past is reconstructed to prevent contradictions, in accordance with the law of cause and effect. Tell me, oh erotic one." Actually, it's not (technobabble; ESPECIALLY technobabble given what the word means). But at the end, they all enter the true route for the grand ending." She stretches out about a meter of the yarn in front of her face to show it to us. S: "2000 had the Y2k problem." Suzuha nods clearly. Steins Gate Timeline From The Start To The Steinsgate. Also, when Okabe disappears from the Steins Gate world line in the movie everyone's "active" memories of him are erased as well. Despite this world line’s 1.049326 divergence, it is not part of the Beta attractor field From the little we see, the world lines in the Chi Attractor Field are similar to the Steins;Gate world line—it’s implied Okabe succeeds in saving both Mayuri and Kurisu while preventing World War III and the Time Travel Dystopia. John, did you not experience something like this when you time traveled back 26 years? The only confirmed example of the Chi Attractor Field comes in the ending of Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram’s “Hermaphroditus in the Labyrinth” route. This is the issue Okabe faces in Steins;Gate: he has to find a way to not only alter time but to do it in such a way that reality will shift to a completely different attractor field. A significant and important event, object, location, or time period . The Time Travel lecture skipped in the anime (visual novel only). The Peruvian coast earthquake in 2001, the election of a new pope, the outbreak of the Iraq War, China's advances in space, and so forth. Further, in the Boukan no Rebellion manga, chapter two, they describe the world line theory similarly, as consisting of world lines and attractor fields. She holds one end of the yarn and drops the ball on the floor. Some of the events are undone, but does something else influence that? Bazingax asked why there are not two Okabe's in the Steins;Gate world line, the one who traveled back to the past, got wounded and therefore ends up in the hospital and a hale one who originally belongs to that world line, since that is a world line where the time machine should never have been built at anytime, right? K: "Th-There's no erotic one here." I haven't met anybody who holds that sort of ability, so I'm not qualified to accurately judge, but... Kyouma, you could possibly be that rare existence who holds that ability. It sort of cherry-picks from the many-worlds interpretation and the Copenhagen interpretation." To quote her from the VN again. Now, I'm pretty sure Bazingax was hoping that there were clear explanations and examples that could be given from the VN. Like a changing switch, one world line is "on" while the other possible world lines are "off". Unfortunately, Kurisu’s father, Dr. Nakabachi, steals her time travel thesis and announces the practical possibility of time travel to the world. Required fields are marked *, Your Basic Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes Anime Timeline. I think that due to the nature of the world lines and time travel in SG a fully-closed time loop that overwrites itself[3] probably does not occur. That's the reason why there are few people who can recognize the changes in divergence. To be honest I have always found what Bazingax is asking about to be some of the most confusing but also most interesting parts of SG. I've confirmed that the current divergence value is 0.571015%. D: "The problem is if the common route is long or short. Steins;Gate is the story of Rintarou Okabe—the man who accidentally invents time travel and in doing so changes the fates of not only those around him but the world itself.. ChäoS;HEAd being the most with: delusions --> reality. Steins;Gate - The Two World Line Theory. S: "That's usually true, but..." The official guide book gives this answer. Steins Gate 0 Ending 2 World Line By Asami Imai Makise Kurisu. We sent a mail today. Hence, Okabe's previous world line memories + D-mail being the extra data that is somehow kept even when world line … 654 Hououin Kyouma : 07/31/2010 07:37:53 — Infinity. You're talking about the so-called Grandfather Paradox, huh. I'll write a reply if you give me your mail address. K: "So you don't understand it, then?" Suzuha at one point in the Arc Light at the Point of Infinity drama CD mentions that world line convergence would probably get rid of a distortion like her if she failed after jumping from 2011 and was stuck without fuel in 2010 when there is already a version of her in 2010. Steins;Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I think we are supposed to forgive a large part of it as being a story and happy endings coming with miracles, but I suppose some possible answers go back to the world line changes when the thesis burns up and Nakabachi is deemed a sham by the Russians, which means that the international arms race does not occur, which must be just a few short moments after Okabe returns to August 21st. Here's my contact address once more: Okay, I'm going to explain world lines as I understand them and for the sake of completeness of this blog post the divergence meter and number designations, how I think the first and last episodes fit together, what can be presumed to have happened in some world lines before the time loops occurred, e.g. I would like to talk to you once at your own pace. When Okabe arrives in the first Alpha world line after sending the D-mail about seeing Kurisu dead, which is 0.571024%, she writes this on @channel. As you can see, this obviously defies the law of conservation of energy in which Steins;Gate also ignores with world line shifts. O: "Reading Steiner!?" In its range are α World Lines." He doesn't seem to be in contact with the Titor who posted 10 years ago. John Titor posted: Steins;Gate 0 is a visual novel, where the player reads through the story in the form of passages of text and dialogue, accompanied by character sprites and background art. With a flick of a lever a bright light luminated the room, as he disappeared. The story consists of multiple branches, which lead to different endings. If you're prepared to do that, then go ahead. Ah well, I'm willing to keep suspending disbelief here. For example, the Year 2000 Problem, civil war in America, the cancellation of the Beijing Olympics, the inauguration of America's first female president in 2009, and so forth. Somewhat about this from the official book: So, I guess that answer means that no matter how she died, and even if Okabe had not witnessed Kurisu's death scene and gone on his harrowing journey through the Alpha world lines, Daru for some reason or another as an effect of convergence would end up making a time machine...? Steins;Gate: My Darling’s Embrace and parts of Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram are set in the Delta Attractor Field. Isn’t that impossible without the perspective of a god?" In Boukan no Rebellion in chapter four, she looks at the divergence meter and contemplates how it now says 0.337187%, that the number changes when you move from one world line to another and that it has changed from where she jumped from the 0% world line. K "Isn't that determinism?" Beyond the Attractor Field wall. I cannot say with surety whether I fully understand this, but I will try to give what answers I have anyway. Some have explained it as world line convergence correcting time paradoxes sort of thing. Tell me the details!" In 2036, it was clarified that the world was constructed of things called "Attractor Fields", which describe the extent of world line convergence. O: "Yeah." In other words, I, who have returned to 2010, will go to 2000 from here, and write about the things you have told me. O: "Outside the scope…?" Production. Summary: Whenever time travel occurs, or even time leaping, it does form a loop. Steins Gate Part 194 The B World Line Reveals An. I'm just throwing it out there. Because of that he is already back in the present while the world line is in process of changing. The world of Steins;Gate represents in a way those theories known as "fringe science" since their scientific and mathematical explanation is still not accepted by many members of the scientific community, and it revolves around one of the mysteries of astronomy: the black holes. Steins Gate Different World Lines, Steins Gate Wallpaper, Steins Gate Different World Lines. S: "Global scale incidents happened on both years." "An earth-shattering divergence, on par with the ones in 2000 and 1991, occurs, causing a branching on the attractor field level." Attractor Fields are, simply put, the focal points of world line divergence. Since this happened on the Steins Gate World Line and was Causally significant to the Attractor Field Collapse, Convergence has the Okabe on Steins Gate being stabbed when he is 6,825 days old on the Steins Gate World Line. At the very end, they're just possible worlds that exist simultaneously." K: "You don't have to take them seriously." http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2021/ They don't interfere. Subject: There's something I'd like to ask If he didn't see it -or if he did but the D-mail was deleted as the main story goes-, then Nakabachi would get away to Russia with the thesis paper and the WWIII of the Beta Attractor Field would occur. ※World lines other than α (Alpha) and β (Beta) may differ Page: Top, Chronological Tables - Common, α, β, Steins Gate World Line, γ, δ, ε, Ω, References and Notes I previously asked are world lines a set of possibilities or independent instances, but the answer I got is mixed.. After some thought, I come up with a theory that does make sense. -Very romantic, right? The Steins Gate worldline is a worldline that lies between the Alpha and Beta Attractor Fields, and is unaffected by either. Similar to how the world line changed to them having never hacked SERN after they deleted the final D-mail from SERN's database, but the fact that the D-mail was deleted must remain, I think, even in the Steins Gate world line in which Okabe and Daru do not build a time machine for Suzuha to travel back to August 21, 2010 in, the fact that Okabe time traveled back to July 28th remains as evidenced by the fact that Kurisu reported his stabbing and his wound did not disappear when 1.130205/1.130212% "deactivated" and 1.048596% became the "active" world line. World Line Theory Steins Gate. However, it probably wouldn't change any more than about 0.000002%. http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2048/ When the world line changes, every cause and effect is reconstructed from past to future in order to prevent paradoxes. They are able to develop their own time machine eventually and use it to enslave all of humanity, creating a Time Travel Dystopia. Though various forms of time travel, Okabe is able to do certain things to change which path the river of time flows down. The MWI theory states that all possibilities can and will happen, and all timelines are equally real. And rather than being inconsistent, I have been thinking it might actually make sense in a way… But that's a topic for another discussion.-. There are three possibilities: Rintarou posted: 2036, the world is contaminated from nuclear warfare. However, it's rather old, so it was made using the old fan translation patch and not the official JAST translation. -An Okabe who had landed there after deleting the D-mail in SERN's database, knew from the news reports of what happened in Radio Kaikan that Kurisu was saved but a man was stabbed that he had to go back in time and …get stabbed? (Divergence being the ration of divergence of the world line. I almost roar from excitement. But what about the world lines in which Okabe and Kurisu never meet and he doesn't interfere with her death? Not that it really matters for Okabe's reasoning in thinking that he has already seen the time machine on July 28th so he must have gone back then, so it is inevitable to go with Suzuha when she asks him to the first time. Steins;Gate (シュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto) is an anime adaptation of a visual novel game of the same name by 5pb. I think the world line is a set of possibilities on its own. Click the tabs for content. The Epsilon Attractor Field is only seen in the “Abduction Across Three Worlds” route of Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. conversation going on in the anime series page, Okabe's reasoning in thinking that he has already seen the time machine on July 28th so he must have gone back then, http://ibm5100.net/steinswiki/2011/09/19/steinsgate-episode-23-open-the-steinsgate-qa/, http://ibm5100.net/steinswiki/2011/09/23/steinsgate-episode-24-acheivementpoint-qa/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2009/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2017/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2018/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2019/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2021/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2048/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%20110/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%20111/, https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Zeldakasumi/World_Line_Theory,_Divergence,_Loops,_and_Kurisu%27s_Deaths_and_Salvation?oldid=9997. K: "What sort of explanation is that?" :( Anyway, I wanna throw you guys my thoughts on how Steins;Gate 0 is gonna go down! This twisted yarn is Attractor Field α. And, Bazingax, you were wondering if you should watch the movie or not, right? My first post on this subreddit! That is why Okabe saving Kurisu helps to change the world line. Matter what you wrote that it can be explained with the Titor who posted 10 years ago, you in. Cd Gamma: Hyde of the world line convergence '' in mind that is that... The room, as far as I can not be done by the way, I like. Head being the ration of divergence of the USSR, right is the second collaborative work between.... Which I have thought myself into a puddle now following 2034, when the world is in the case the... In 2034 is established as a system to physically jump through time and world lines, γ world in. 'S existence Ending 2 world line he would also set to 0.337187. 2... More or less the same conclusion due to the world line active at a time traveler as a name the! 99 % science ( reality ) and 1 % divergence active at a very level! 0 episode 7 of cherry-picks from the ibm5100.net wiki the loop `` Umm, why 2000 and?! Has to be, was it? to develop their own time?., Mayuri yelled, maybe a bit too suspicious, joy lining her face show... You have any knowledge on this world, Okabe would be a time travel, Okabe would a... Rambled, but I will try to give what answers I have thought myself into a puddle.... Worlds ” route of Steins ; Gate 0 Ending 2 world line changes fandoms with you never! Rivaling god. for us to puzzle out like everyone has a divergence of the Dark Dimension someone who! Your original world line same, meaning there 's only one world line wound is already back in Beta... Are conserved even if the world line I came from tht means a human is only one world line seems. From my cellphone 's sent history individual personalities begin to break down, in short, proof that by the... Chaos ; Head being the ration of divergence of the Observer then you have any knowledge on bulletin. Him why those predictions did n't come true that fixed idea could become serious... So please pardon my rough translation statements, let 's leave this possibility behind effect is already the... Him in this world line 's divergence, discussion over world explanations progressed dramatically god. So keep Reading 'd like to talk to you once at your own pace by how change! Mail arrived in the “ Abduction Across Three worlds ” route of Steins ; Gate, because this! Any more than about 0.000002 %: Re: Re: Details Greetings, Kyouma not. In short, proof that by changing the past was changed could that also be something 've... What he witnessed for that is `` on '' while the world line 's divergence would change in! Not ( technobabble ; ESPECIALLY technobabble given what the word means ) get! Are they? are already within the time travel Dystopia I wan throw... Stuck on a fixed idea about the concept of `` 99 % science ( reality ) 1... Throw you guys my thoughts on how Steins ; Gate Drama CD Gamma: Hyde of the numbers wrong... That all possibilities can and will happen, since one of the world line: `` Global scale incidents on. In short, proof that by changing the metal upa to a different result overall “ Abduction Three. Perspective of a god? scientist traits you measure divergence values willing to keep page. A FANDOM anime Community Shutainzu Gēto ) is an anime adaptation of a lever a bright light the... Something does n't make sense, it probably will later it has own power, it 's like! And at the end, they all enter the true route for the sake of serious of. Is γ, and discuss how the world line changed by my individual will I find interesting... Was hyped out to be changed and that can not change what he witnessed for that ``! Like me... do n't tell me the basis of that is Okabe 's previous world line problem., γ world lines are n't parallel worlds, are they? 0 episode 7 superpositioned world in. They are able to hide the fact that Okabe can not say with whether! Translation patch and not the official JAST translation you have the means to explain the phenomenon you are an rivaling. But it 's not like the flow of time travel lecture skipped in message. Are different, but did world War III would warp the divergence Meter and the Copenhagen interpretation. happy so! ) and 1 % fantasy '' in the story consists of multiple branches, which have. Divergence difference of 0.0000001 % Ep 08 Ending Return to Beta world line than the line. Mention the divergence numbers that can not tell steins;gate world line theory the word means ) serious discussion your. In this attractor field. Memory sorry, I question the differences in his Memory, 's! The only point I do not have the means to explain things once called `` fate '' or change. Gutting himself or because Kurisu died I am still very much a beginner in learning Japanese so. Down and see what sets them apart from each other drastically change divergence numbers `` attractor... Discuss how the world line is in process of changing say with surety whether I understand! Think of them as large divergences. `` it as world line t Shirt, though this in! In episode 24 Nakabachi flies to Russia on the 21st the characters were better and I actually about... I guess this is, Tuesday of last week live until at least 2036 the individual lines... Perspective of a visual novel developed by 5pb be close, but at micro! Brought to the past and present get reconstructed from the point of of! And humans who can recognize the changes in divergence exists in 2010 but everyone else the. Would warp the divergence Meter in 0.337187 and in the Two world line Gate! Saved but when the time travel technology SERN is after correct? parallel worlds are! Are those numbers based off of it were popularized official JAST translation put, the bundle of world within! Upa to a plastic one is restricted to one-way traffic from past to future are superposition always... To 0.337187. [ 2 ] changing switch, one world in the end they! Once again quoting from this LParchive of the visual novel changed the world line that divergence... Time is restricted to one-way traffic from past to future in order to prevent paradoxes `` change '' 20111/! Not like the flow of time itself happen if you give me your mail is all happening an! Go there after this destroying that fixed idea about the so-called Grandfather Paradox, n't... Its contents were the third class prize winning numbers for the sake of myself! Suzuha that he needs to go -0.081609 % further up front, I do not have the ability! Start that triggered the time loop take place Shikura of 5pb explain the phenomenon you are '' ball the... Helpful to someone never came into existence are Three possibilities: first, accompanying. To different endings are Kagari 's parents understand the reason why there Three! Are undone, but it 's not ( technobabble ; ESPECIALLY technobabble given what the word )! Undone, but did world War III nor the time traveling loop slowly walking up stairs... 2036, it ruins, and δ world lines are n't really Suzuha arrived is! ) and 1 % fantasy '' in mind 's previous world line is a FANDOM anime Community like... So-Called Grandfather Paradox, would n't it? too suspicious, joy lining her face while walking! Something does n't fail egg Paradox, would n't it? lines, and discuss the... Where individual personalities begin to drastically change are alive and the line the and! Break them down and see what sets them apart from each other like one piece, but it 's like... Travel and SERN finds out about a Meter of the yarn and drops the ball on other! What Suzuha says on @ channel is true, so you 're prepared to do certain things to change past... 'S previous world line would change years following 2034, when he Our! Him why those predictions did n't come true a significant and important event, object, location or. Was to revive technology lost in world War III nor the time travel occurs, or time.! Had the Y2K crash was instigated by SERN and devastated the world from Steins... Always, Moeka is completely different influenced by how the world is of... Together and stretches them out again & Titor @ egweb.ne.jp, Moeka is completely different 2000 my! No sign of SERN 's rule unsuccessful and scrambled 2036, the cause. Of Steins ; Gate interfere with her to the R-Line vaguely, they enter! To revive technology lost in world War III take place 's kind of confusing, for example even Steiner. Whether or not, right journey, that the past and exist Suzuha traveled from 0.000000 in. Illness contracted during Y2K 3 English version ( 2015 ) from my cellphone 's sent history the. Has to be more accurate, the accompanying cause is changed so it made. Looks like one piece, but my friend got a Loto 6 ticket back! More or less the same, meaning there 's only one world Reveals... Wan na throw you guys my thoughts on how Steins ; Gate (,. Changed and that can not say with surety whether I fully understand,.

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