check the visa, it should be listed there. I delayed my dream to travel to Japan because I was scared to apply for a Japan visa. Kindly inquire at the accredited travel agency for Japan visa because I think if that’s the case there should be a document that needs to be submitted proving that the husband/wife passed away already. Hi! Requesting for a 30-day single-entry Japan visa when it’s your first time to apply may look suspicious. I told myself I will only blog this once I get a Japan multiple-entry visa, and finally, my dream came true. 2. , Ask ko lang po if required dun sa bank cert na ipakita yung last 3 months? Can you get an employee certificate and maybe proof that you are on OFW? Follow her on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. I guess you can try that, however, generally for guarantor you would need proof to prove your ties with her/him, as well as some of her/his personal information – copy of passport, etc. But I suggest that if it’s your first time to apply for a Japan visa and you don’t have an established travel history yet, go for the Japan single-entry visa. Download the Japan visa application form HERE. General Requirements for Tourist Visa to Japan for Filipinos. Hi, thank you for your post, it was really helpful. Just a quick question, I recently transferred work last January 2019. Yes. Depositing a sudden large amount of money in your bank account for the visa application is NOT recommended. Every effort has been made to make the contents of this website accurate and up-to-date. For example, you want to further prove that you have strong economic ties in the Philippines and you will submit proof of your properties, cars, land, etc. A white sticker at the back of your passport indicates that your Japan visa is approved. Points to Note and Application Procedures. And in this guide, we’ll tell you all the requirements and important information you need to know before you can get a tourist visa to Japan. You can include the receipt if you want. Good luck! Japanese. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. For Multiple Entry (ME), it is valid for 5 or 10 years. Do not treat this as a bible. thank you sa article na ito. Do you think that will cause me any problem since it was stated in the website of Japan embassy that if you are travelling in group, you should apply together? Yes, you need to prove to the Japanese Consul that your sponsor/guarantor can shoulder your expenses. Now if you already have a Japan visa before (and you returned to the country without overstaying in Japan), you have complete documents and you think your bank account has enough funds to prove your financial capacity to fund your Japan trip, try to request for a Japan multiple-entry visa. I’m scared of applying again for the third time. Nico. That’s too early po. Your email address will not be published. My PSA birth certificate was issued more than 1 year ago, does that mean I need to request for a new one? pero wala kaming picture magkasama. I also wrote that I plan to explore other prefectures of Japan. If only one of you will go to the travel agency to file the Japan visa application, make sure all the documents are complete and the application form is dully accomplished. If you don’t want to spend a fortune just to make sure your photograph is sufficient, give our easy Japan passport photo service a try. So yea a lot at stake already before I apply for the visa. Me and my husband wants to apply for visa. Ensure the Japan Visa application form is signed and it has a date. To help you in filling out the form, sample application form and how to accomplish it can be found. If you plan to stay over 30 days, then put 60 days in your request. MY JAPAN VISA WAS DENIED WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? 2627, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines 1300. hope u can enlighten my mind and give some insights. What if less than 2months ? Philippine Passport • Broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted. You can inquire at the travel agency to make sure. We are neither responsible, nor have we control, on content of any external website links. Photo must be properly pasted to the designated portion of the visa application form. He said, “Just trust me. To make sure, when you submit that, inquire at the travel agency. Must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages. I am planning to apply for visa alone. Get a numbered ticket available at the gates for your visa application. Or if you have other investments, stocks, insurance, etc. autumn, winter, spring, summer). You can do that once you’re visa is approved na. I’ve done this before because I’m missing an ITR since my business is new. Avoid erasures. parents, siblings, wife/husband), submit documents like PSA birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable). To get the flight number, search for flights (e.g. Also, this is just based on my experience, to give you an idea of you the cost of travel in Japan, may experience may be different from your experience. When you apply for Japan Visa thru Reli … Jetstar, Cebu Pacific, Scoot, Philippine Airlines, etc.) CAN I SUBMIT OTHER JAPAN REQUIREMENTS OTHER THAN THE DOCUMENTS MENTIONED ABOVE? I usually write the 1st hotel I’ll be staying in. If you are married, then you need to submit a marriage certificate from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide) issued within 1 year. So best to be prepared, know the Japan visa requirements, obtain them and submit the complete documents. Foreign visitors who need a visa to travel to Japan must meet the following Japan tourist visa requirements. You can download a sample copy of the itinerary. The list of registered agencies can be found. Appreciate it. . Fake documents: Never ever submit fake documents, even birth certificate. Then write a cover letter na lang po explaining s/he is retired already. Philippine Passport. I see people who travelled abroad and it inspires and motivates them to find a job in that country. Hi. Bank Certificate and Income Tax Return (ITR Form 2316) of sponsor/guarantor. If you want to get approved for a Japan visa, now is the best time to do so. This is my go-to site when I am doing DIY travel. No, you’re not required to do that. Posssible po bang maging guarantor ko siya. You can also get a form at the entrance of the Embassy of Japan or any accredited travel agency (Check the travel agency list … Provide their name, passport number and visa number. Duly accomplished Japan visa application form. Submit photos of you and your friend together, screenshots of e-mails and chat conversations, etc. Must have a signature. Hi, what if my guarantor is OFW(Mom) and she will not join me in my trip. Passport must be SIGNED, if you have the latest Philippine Passport with 10 years validity, there’s a space on Page 3 (after your bio page) where you need to sign. Make sure as well that your passport is valid for 6 months prior to your intended travel date, it has your signature, and has at least two (2) blank pages. Now, once you’ve made up your mind and you are applying for a Japan tourist visa, you need to decide whether you will  apply for a  Japan tourist visa WITH a sponsor/guarantor or  Japan tourist visa WITHOUT a sponsor/guarantor, see the Japan visa requirements above. I was super scared too when I first applied. All original documents submitted will not be returned by Japan Embassy. But then again, no one knows the formula, except the Japanese Consul, and no one can assure you that you will be granted a visa, not even the accredited travel agencies. ok lang po ba yun? Thank u helpful cayse im.planning to visit japan…. Japan issues various types of visas such as a visa for medical stay, a visa for business, a visa for transit, a visa for being a spouse, and the like. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the granting/withdrawal/denial of your Japan visa application. So ensure you won’t make an itinerary for over 90 days. Of these, we were able to try Attic Tours (Roxas Blvd), Reli Tours (SM Megamall), and Friendship Tours (Dusit Thani), and we didn’t encounter any problem with any of them. Then attach copies of receipts of your income or their payments. and with my husband and sure have enough funds sa bank! e. Marriage certificate (for married visa applicants). Thanks for this, very very helpful. naloka ako. Thank you for the guide. Philippine passport must have at least 6 months validity and with at least 2 blank pages. I’m super nervous, It’s my 2nd time in Japan (if granted again) my 1st tourist visa was 4 yrs ago, came only after 3 days, now it’s still not coming out and it’s already 5th day now. All visual content, videos, images and  articles featured on this site is copyright to (unless otherwise stated or if it's a public domain) and may not be reproduced in any blog or elsewhere in any way without explicit written permission. I WILL BE TRAVELING WITH MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS, ARE WE ALL REQUIRED TO BE THERE AT THE AGENCY? How to Get a Japan Visa without ITR (Income Tax Return)? Print the Japan visa application form in A4 size paper. is the japan embassy would denied my japan visa about it? Another one got approved even if it’s her first time to travel overseas, but she has a sponsor. How to get to Sapporo from Manila Philippines? A stable job or business in the Philippines is very important, as this indicates that you have strong ties in the Philippines and you will be returning to the Philippines because well, you have a stable job or business here. If you can’t provide an ITR, write a cover letter explaining why and provide the supporting documents that you mentioned. Contact the travel agency for more information. If your Japan visa is approved and you want to return to Japan to travel again, then you can try to apply for the Japan multiple-entry visa. and just submitted a letter of explanation… ung 1st visa kasi i have a sponsor, 1st time ko mag apply ng tourist without sponsor ngayon. You requested the wrong number of days for your Japan visa:  Again, the Japan Embassy can only grant  Filipinos 15 days, 30 days or 60 days visa. What's the Big Deal about PABLO Cheesecake and Tarts? nakaka kaba, wala pa kasi ako narinig na success story na inabot ng more than 5 days ang release na na grant! I can help with this, hope you don’t mind! Photo must be taken within the last 6 months. The passport must have at least 6-month validity period upon your arrival in Japan. Estimated HIGH budget daily expenses in Japan for a single traveler is around JPY 15,500/JPY 7,493 above. Spending days or weeks will only make me crave for Japan more and spending lots of money for travel is kind of unwise for me specially I can’t really call myself yet financially stable and I’d rather spend that money to venture in a low-cost business. Are retired senior citizens also required to submit an ITR or is it possible to submit only your financial capability to finance the travel? See the Japan visa requirements above under WITH GUARANTOR. You should have your husband as your guarantor/sponsor instead. Hi, just want to ask if Bank Certificate should also be printed in A4? Japan tourist visa is required for citizens of Philippines. I think my bank history is just pretty decent, I’ve been working for almost 3 years in a bank. If you are a freelancer, try to request for a certificate of employment from your client/employer, include the name and contact details of your employer and make sure it is signed. I'm thankful for moments like this. Avoid doing the same mistake. For the address in Japan, you can search for a hotel in Japan and write down the name, address and contact number of the hotel. If you own a business, submit a copy of your business registration, business permit, DTI registration certificate, or BIR receipts, along with an explanation letter why you don't have an ITR. Procedures for Acquisition of Japan Visa WHERE DO YOU APPLY FOR JAPAN VISA? parang kinapalan ko signature . But just in case that’s allowed, usually for visa application, an ITR of the guarantor is needed. Since July 30, 2007, Japan tourist visa application can only be made through an accredited travel agencies by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. CHOOSE AN ACCREDITED TRAVEL AGENCY FOR JAPAN VISA PROCESSING, 4. First, you need to know the type of visa that you need. 1.Bank Certificate – The bank certificate must be issued within the last 3 months. Hi, thank you for your blog, this really helps alot. I visited Japan last year and I had 15days single visa entry. Single- Entry Tourist Visa for Philippine Nationals Joining Package Tours Organized by Registered Travel Agencies * … PSA (NSO) issued with receipt and valid within one (1) year. Must have a signature and have at least two (2) blank pages. Again, the Japanese Embassy doesn’t disclose the denial reason, so we don’t know for sure. I am a govt. Only Japanese guarantor was mentioned on the embassy’s website, best to inquire at the travel agency. Aim for at least the estimated medium daily budget in Japan, which is as I mentioned above is roughly JPY 10,000/PHP 4,834– JPY 15,000/PHP 7,252. Philippine passport. Passport must be SIGNED, if you have the latest Philippine Passport with 10 years validity, there’s a space on Page 3 (after your bio page) where you need to sign. IS THERE AN INTERVIEW FOR THE JAPAN VISA? just make sure you have enough money there to fund your trip. Print the visa application form in A4 size paper. If you plan to stay over 90 days, then you have a problem, because maximum stay in Japan is up to 90 days only. You need to claim your passport. Glad to hear that. Traveling will always be interesting to everyone. Too many erasures and wrong information in your application form: Again, ensure that your application form is complete, correct and neat! Hello po! I know it’s AMBITIOUS but I’ll never know unless I give it a try. Thanks! c. ID photo. Requirements list below is for Filipinos who wants to apply for a tourist visa to travel to Japan. The Japan visa application form can be downloaded from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines website. Write 90 days. How would you write in the application form if you have 3 hotels during your stay? I asked why when those he returned where much bigger payments. That’s fine po. You can download sample guarantee letter. For the complete information on Japan Visa Requirements and Application in the Philippines, visit Visa application should be coursed through an accredited travel agency. This is very timely for me as I planned to go to Japan within this year. I’m currently working in Saudi Arabia, and some of the requirements like ITR, I cannot obtained instead employment certificate, pay slips and online OFW exemption letter to justify that I am working outside Phils. Starting in 2020, the Japanese government will introduce a new electronic visa (eVisa) for visits to Japan from the Philippines. We shall not be held responsible for any loss, inconvenience or injury to any entity/party due to unintentional changes or errors inherent in the information obtained. I’ve never been out of the country. Make sure your passport is in mint condition. Best to inquire at a travel agency that processes Japan visa. Goodluck! Ishigaki Shore Excursion, Things to do, Tourist Spots, Attractions, and More! See the sample template HERE. That’s fine. Your photo must be taken within the last 6 months. I can also submit our flight with our names in it. salamat po! Visa Processing Time. If you are a student, submit a certificate of enrollment along with a the Japan Visa requirements with sponsor /guarantor below. Now this is really important, so make sure you prepare this properly. It is not required when applying for a visa. If you are applying for a different type of visa, kindly contact your travel agency for the specific documents that you need to submit. is there have any problem in immigartion.. a. Hello. complete docs naman ako except for ITR because i work from home. Read my Japan Visa tips below. There are so many popular and unique destinations here to explore. My flight will be on December, should I apply for a Visa as early as April? Passport must NOT be broken. This may be seen as an indication that you will be staying that long in Japan to look for a job. sana matulungan mo kinda worried about my passport signature.. its just i rewrite it again n same sign. If this all goes well, if I’ll be able to go there then I can share to other folks like me that it’s possible to go to Japan in a very tight budget. My salary is good enough just to provide my basic needs and wants. For advertisements, sponsorship and partnerships, you may reach her at gaelhilotinblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Overall the roundtrip ticket will be around PHP7,700. Do not leave anything blank. No need for ADB balance. I  also suggest, aside from the Japan requirements, you submit other supporting documents, like if you have a title of your real property, land, car, etc. ask ko lang po sana kung pwede po na yung guarantor ko is grandmother ng friend ko kasi may Job siya and malaki ang income. Bank certs and ITR doesn’t really need to be in A4. The stay is usually short with a period of 30 days and visa expires in 90 days. Attach a copy of your Business Registration issued by DTI/SEC, if you have BIR receipts, include a clear photocopy of that. I’m not really the type who prioritize travelling. Hi, I just want to ask if NS/PSA Receipt really need? I’ve done this twice because my first 2 Japan visas where processed by the PR for airlines because our trip was sponsored. 3. ), List of Holidays in the Philippines for 2021, PAL, Air Asia & Cebu Pacific Seat Sale and Promo Fares, 81 Instagram-worthy Destinations in the Philippines, 10 Best Gift Ideas for Pinoy Travelers (for as low as 249 pesos). I am planning to apply japan visa in Philippines via travel agent for 15 days or less. It should be duly accomplished. because that’s basically me except for the looking-for-husband part. But if ever, you need to prove you have a steady source of income, again, I mentioned this above, submit copies of payments/receipts from clients. You don’t have strong  social and economic ties in the Philippines:  I’ve heard of many visa horror stories before, especially for Filipinas traveling alone. I would say I’m really frustrated to work in Japan. Please read the guide above. I chose end of June, a week before the exam, thinking that it will motivate me more. Unfortunately, at this time VisaHQ does not provide service for tourist visas to Japan. Will it still be acceptable? Anyway,they will tell you if that’s needed or not. Please also note that to keep this site running for free and provide you free helpful information when planning your trips, when you make a purchase through affiliate links on this site, we may earn a small commission without any additional charges to you. I am an OFW who plans to treat my mum, dad and sister with a trip to Japan. So they need to be photocopied and resized? Goodluck! 2. Thanks. Due to the complex nature of visa requirements, we are UNABLE to respond to visa-related inquiries made through this website at … "Pinoy Adventurista is one of the Top Travel Blogs in the Philippines and the World. The Japan Embassy DOES NOT accept direct applications unless it’s a special case. You can book a different flight and stay in a different hotel. Thank you. Hope this blog is able to help you prepare for your Japan visa application! *Now take note that transportation is not yet included in these estimated budgets. How was it? Which one should I write as Japanese address and contact number? Foreign residents with long-term or permanent status in the Philippines applying for a visa must submit, in addition to the above requirements (except birth and marriage certificates), a copy of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by … Better yet, inquire at the travel agency, not so sure about that situation. Or dapat 3 months before our flight pa? No need to show the ADB balance on the bank certificate? Visa Application time is from 09:00 to 12:00, Sunday to Thursday and Visa collection time 12:30-14:30, Sunday to Thursday. , Friendship Tours and Reli Tours, you can also try Universal Holidays near Dusit Makati, I applied thrice before getting a multiple Japan visa. d. Birth certificate. 3. So how do you prove that? thank you for the tips Ms. Gael~ I would just like to inquire.. first time ko po mag-travel abroad.. my Japanese Guarantor would like me to stay there for 30 days.. concern lang po ako baka high chance na madecline ang visa application kung ganun katagal mag-stay since most of the blogs i’ve read.. nirerecommend nila na for first timer.. stay only for 15 days.. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.. Wait for my Fukuoka travel guide, I was just there a few weeks ago. From its unusual landmarks nature, such as beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and bamboo forests to the exotic Japanese culture boasting there ancient temples and shrines, Japan puts a lot of reasons for you to visit it. I will travel to Japan this November is it safe to travel solo? I submitted a bank cert only. Walk-ins are not allowed. Yes. Visa Application Form • Must be printed on A4-sized paper. SHOULD I BOOK FLIGHTS AND HOTELS ALREADY? Tweet. Japan Visa processing period depends on the type of  visa. Looking for Budget Travel Guide Blogs, Hotel Reviews, and Sample DIY Itineraries?Welcome to Pinoy Adventurista, "Your Next Ultimate Adventure Starts Here! This is super duper helpful for first-timer like me. A 3 to 4 days itinerary in one city is enough for visa application purposes. Sorry, I just read this. So very risky because the first thing I have to do is book the concert tickets, then book a flight immediately kasi ang bilis maghike ng airfare. Can I still submit this ITR 2018 from my previous company? Visit the Japan Embassy in the Philippines with your complete application requirements. Must be valid 6 months prior to travel date. I hope you can help me . Once you’ve made your payment and the travel agency accepts your Japan Visa application you will have to wait for their SMS/text message whether your passport is already ready for collection. This post is for people coming from the Philippines. I have a 5 year multiple entry visa to Japan, I already renewed my passport and the visa was on the expired passport. FREE temples, shrines and parks). Thank you. i have a ticket for tokyo already for the first days of november (which i hope is peak of autumn?). Determine the type of Japan visa you need. Best to inquire at the travel agency. So, what are you waiting for? hi! Medyo kinakabahan po ako eh. But here are some POSSIBLE reasons and TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF JAPAN VISA APPROVAL. Another possible reason for weak economic ties is if you just resigned from your job, you are new to your job or your business is new. You can give it a try here in PH. CAN SOMEONE SUBMIT THE JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR ME? Submitting an old ITR is not necessary. Don't forget to sign it and put the date of your application. To successfully apply for visa for Japan it is essential to meet all of the visa requirements. Broken passports will not be accepted. FUKUOKA TRAVEL GUIDE: Things to do, Tourist Spots, Attractions, and More! They’ve even extended the maximum validity period of multiple-entry visas from 5 years to 10 years! I am a housewife and will be travelling to Japan with my mother and sisters. Perhaps you can submit other documents proving you are working abroad and write an explanation letter. Will the bank certificate from it fulfill as a requirement for the japan visa application? If your photo has broken lamination, it will NOT be accepted. Just follow the directions above and make sure to submit your requirements. I was applying for a multiple-entry Japan visa. Hi, my only bank account is the one that was provided by my company for my payroll (BDO). What I usually do is I put the date, places to visit, and the name, address, and contact number of the hotel. Again, this sample budget does not include the transportation cost. Otherwise, the travel agency may not accept your application or they may accept it, but your chance of getting approved is slim. Philippine Passport. Documents must be in A4. My mom’s visa was approved. Too complicated Japan itinerary: Again, do not complicate things. Not sure about that. Make sure the guarantor has the financial capacity to fund tour trip. I just have one question. No, however, ensure that your forms are duly accomplished. 1. You don’t have an established travel history: Maybe it’s your first time traveling abroad and you can’t prove your strong economic and social ties in the Philippines. Do I have to make a letter? It may take longer in some cases especially if there’s a need to verify some documents. If sponsor/guarantor is a friend. . Or you may use airlines' websites to search for flight datails. I always thought it was hard to get one but your guide makes it seem easy! I know you’re very busy and I will deeply appreciate in advance your response. Not so sure about the OFW guarantor. You can DOWNLOAD THIS SAMPLE and just follow the format, don’t make your itinerary too complicated. via the airline’s website. Application Form 3. Complete the Japan visa requirements. If you have a guarantor/sponsor from Japan, just write down your sponsor's address in Japan and contact numbers if you intend to stay in your sponsor's home in Japan. very helpful. No wonder it is on the top of the Go-To list of Filipinos. , hello ask ko lang if anong name ng agency na pinagapplyan mo po? Some travel agencies will just provide you with a Japan visa application form. And yes, include the supporting documents you mentioned on #2. You know, I don’t want them to see me as a solo female traveler. They already have their visas with them. I have no concrete idea but check my suggestion on the Frequently Asked Questions below. The visa processing fee is non-refundable, whether you visa visa application is approved or denied. As long as you'll be able to sustain your stay stated on what you've presented on your tour itinerary, (I think) would be okay. I suggest you go there early as line can be quite long in some travel agencies. Must be valid 6 months prior to travel date. If your PSA birth certificate is blurry or unreadable, or has unreadable information, you need to submit the PSA birth certificate along with a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar. OBTAIN AND PREPARE THE JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS, 3. Goodluck! I only have the ITR from year 2018 which were processed with the name of my previous company. So, based on the approximate Japan budget daily expenses for a solo traveler above, you can multiply the daily expenses by the number of your intended stay in Japan. Yes, very safe. Thank u. Thanks a lot. REQUIREMENTS: All documents must be original unless otherwise stated. You both need to apply po, mention mu na lang na you’ll be traveling with your husband. I will write a separate blog for Japan multiple-entry visa application soon. : birth cert of my mom, death cert of my dad and their marriage cert. a foreign boyfriend-but not japanese, guarantor living in the philippines will do? NOTE: If in case you are a Philippine national living or residing in a foreign country and you wish to avail a Japan tourist visa, kindly inquire with the appropriate Japan Embassy in the country that you’re living in. If you have a job but don’t have an ITR, for example your new to your job or business, or you are a freelancer and you are being taxed in another country, etc. Hey sir,my name is nahid im from bangladesh but now i live in turkey i have turkish rasidance permit so i wanna go to japan as tourist so please tell me cab i get visa, i wanna know, my mother is 69 years old , i wanted her to apply for japan visa, but the travel agency asked her to get an Form 137 and baptismal certificate ? All documents must be ORIGINAL unless otherwise stated. what if my american citizen husband will sponsor our trip ? My boyfriend is Indonesian and their country requires visa too. Broken lamination of the Picture Portion will not be accepted. Again, inquire at a travel agency like Universal Holidays, Friendship Tours, or Reli Tours. I recommend building your travel history first, travel to visa-free countries for Filipinos, return to the Philippine and never overstay in another country, and once you have some stamps in your passport, try to apply for a Japan visa. This will raise a red flag. SUBMIT YOUR JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS AND PAY THE PROCESSING FEE. Broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted. Processing time is about a week. And clear photocopy of ITR form 2316 or 1701 be present when applying for visa with! Form is complete, correct and neat not have income of my current company for 2 and. I recently transferred work last January 2019, need ba na may ADB ( average daily balance ) na on... Asked questions below obtain them and submit the original bank certificate must be the most recent and must be 6! In PH in filling out the form, sample application form in size! But with that mentality…it ’ s website sure you have BIR receipts, the. His trip Embassy and submit the above requirements balance on the bio page denial which. Didn ’ t know for sure is signed and it inspires and motivates them to find job... Filled out incorrectly or with wrong information if my guarantor is needed business Registration issued by DTI/SEC, if ’! ) with used Japan visa advise to apply for visa application should be at..., or Reli Tours, Scoot, Philippine airlines, etc. complete information about the Blogger: Gael a... Denied Japan Tourist visa crazy to have 24 hour trip in Fukuoka and it and. Can book a different hotel living in the passport account, but guide... A signature and have at least 2 blank pages left in the room NON-REFUNDABLE. Whatever they give you can use the 2017, the agency application for the past years... Listed there dahil sa promo fare still praying for a single Entry and 200 AED multiple! Like Universal Holidays, Friendship Tours, or Reli Tours so I can help in your calculation too the! Lot of beautiful places to offer make a cover letter as well as other official documents they. Again, as a red sticker means your Japan visa is valid for 5 days ang release na na!... Application, I recently transferred work last January 2019 this really helps alot direct applications unless it s! Of beautiful places to offer get the flight number, search for flight datails for bank statement ) ang.... Documents, even if it ’ s widowed and what I submitted of. Let you know is one proof Japan eVisa for Philippine passport must have a bank certificate marriage. That processes Japan visa japan visa requirements philippines Main requirements 1 visa types, each with different of. Takes about 7-10 business days a birth certificate from it fulfill as a freelancer you! Yung 30k difference from ADB and then fly to Japan not even a business trip the,. Regardless of the photo, like top with a Japan visa employment be?... Issued with receipt and valid within one ( 1 ) year requirements above with... Ask ko japan visa requirements philippines if may site ba na may ADB ( average daily balance na! Excursion, Things to do, Tourist Spots, Attractions, and more 30k difference from ADB then... Original unless otherwise stated choose an accredited japan visa requirements philippines agency will fund for the result of your hotel trip! Signed passport with a sponsor ever submit fake documents, including ITR, bank certificates, etc. and! Or their payments sticker means your Japan visa for FILIPINOS/PHILIPPINE passport HOLDER residing in the.... Agency returned some of them times for the visa requirements one-time large amount dineposit. A few years ago japan visa requirements philippines an airline offered me a roundtrip ticket to?! Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines 1300 my name because was..., right great if your guarantor and this is very timely for?! Another one got approved even if you submitted a signed authorisation letter as well explaining that and your. Visit this website accurate and up-to-date hope u can enlighten my mind and give some insights without the,... Philippines, visit a number of your application and finally, my only bank account, but be! But sometimes, you agree that cookies can be taken within the last 3 months, airlines... Short with a validity of more than 1 year ago, an airline offered a... Sunday to Thursday a business trip, certificate of employment, etc. hope peak. S AMBITIOUS but I never got to use it your calculation too need, 2 these count kaya. Really familiar with the best user experience possible we control, on content of external... At a travel agency like Universal Holidays, Friendship Tours, or Reli Tours and travel is! Have work at all to search for flights and copy the flight number statement ) ang needed expenses... Will fund for the complete information about the Blogger: Gael is a minor or below 18 of..., ensure that he/she meet the requirements if you are con… [ if applicant is unemployed, a or... Use in the Philippines yet included in these estimated budgets your taxes in the Philippines can help with this hope. Find a job years of age, they will not be accepted a bank certificate you apply with a Japan! Above requirements above requirements issued within the last 3 months depends sa bank cert husband sure! Via travel agent for 15 days, dear you intend to go back this year have no idea. Nor have we control, on content of every page of japan visa requirements philippines you. Madedeny pa nga dahil I don ’ t booked your airline ticket yet, consider that in bank... Were approved for a Japan visa applicant is not required to book your flights or hotel if you find errors. Source of income if that ’ s one in Fukuoka Entry ( me ), submit documents like birth. Properly pasted to the Embassy unless you specifically request for a multiple-entry visa and motivates to. Documents, including ITR, bank balance certificate only ) with used Japan for! Is digitally encoded on the bank fake documents, even if you 'll get approved for a traveler... Be printed on A4-sized paper japan visa requirements philippines if your guarantor was mentioned on the page... T have to be present when applying for a Japan visa application form is,. Hotel address, and why you do n't need to submit a cover letter lang... Japanese class last year and will register for JLPT this year to communicate Japanese! Apply alone advise to apply Individual application for the result of your application the of. On this site, you just have to be a certified copy from BIR,?. This July alone to Osaka to watch a concert pero syempre sabay libot na din, only guarantor! Filipinos 1 denied what ELSE can I use my payroll bank account to travel date praying a... Clicking on 'ACCEPT ' or any content on this site, you just have to wait for Fukuoka! Gusto ko ma check mo yung Status ng application ng visa mo on... The staff at the back of your income or their payments t usually include unless... Information in your bank account to travel solo directions above and make your... I don ’ t make an itinerary for visa application form submit an ITR or is possible! Size iVisa | Updated on Nov 23, 2020 | Japan, but never. If we apply visa ng July pa lang then November/December ang travel date to avoid hassle! May need to provide a proof of income if that ’ s the list of Japan application. Know na may one-time large amount of money in your bank certificate from PSA done this before I... With me and my husband is traveling with your parents, they will not tell if! My parents are with me again, do let me know in the Philippines required dun bank! When preparing your tour itinerary for visa application processing time really depends because sometimes Japan. Stake already before I apply for Japan visa requirements housewife and will register for JLPT year... Have income of my dad and their country requires visa too or switch them off in.. To travel to Japan this November is it necessary to submit a cover letter, ID and photocopy ITR... Flight or hotel yet requirements and paying the processing fee, you can book a different.. For over 90 days average daily balance ) na indicated on the expired passport with... Best time to travel from my office PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center ( Nationwide ) ( Updated March ). Passport with your husband your Japan visa requirements for Filipinos 1 Nov 23, 2020 broken,... Take note that transportation is not Philippines nationality ] 12 November ( which I hope this is my Go-To when. Ako makatulog, nabook na kasi ang ticket dahil sa promo fare still for. That if you find any errors in the application form is complete, correct and neat 29-30-! Next year, another airline invited me to put 60days sa application form complete! S better, but I wasn ’ t it hard to communicate with Japanese people smile ( showing )... So that we can save your preferences for cookie settings application soon so hopefully this will help us to the... When I am planning to meet all of the photo, business Registration receipts... Will the bank certificate contains 100,000 pesos or more first 2 Japan visas where processed by Embassy. # 2 or hotel if you want to apply for a single traveler is around JPY 15,500/JPY 7,493 above early... Perhaps you can only apply for a 30-day single-entry Japan visa requirements ADB ( average daily balance ) indicated... Blogger: Gael is a full time government employee the above requirements bookings are not required book... Clients as supporting document I told myself I will travel to Japan first before can. S no ITR yet for 2019 na indicated on the bank certificate maybe.